if z1= 1-i and z2= -2+4i find i'm(z1*z2/z1) maths class 11

here z1=1-i and z2=-2+4i,

now (z1*z2/z1)=(1-i)(-2+4i)/(1-i)


=(-2+6i-4(-1))/(1-i) {since i2=-1}



now by rationalising i.e. multiplyind and dividing by (1+i)


=(2+2i+6i+6i2)/(12-i2) {since (a+b)(a-b)=a2-b2}

=(2+8i+6(-1))/(1-(-1)) {since i2=-1}





now img(z1*z2/z1)=4 as imaginary part is equal to 4

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Answer is 2

Hope it helps.....

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Z1 = 1- i and z2 = -2 + 4i ; then find Im ( z1z2/ bar of z1 ) ?

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