II. Pancreas is a finger shaped structure present in the loop of the stomach and small intestine that has a major dual role to perform for proper functioning of the human body- Elaborate.
III. Females are unjustly condemned for the birth of children of a specific gender, though they have no role in determining the sex of a child. Explain the statement with a proper diagrammatic representation.

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 is a organ located in the upper abdomen and adjacent to the small intestine.  It performs two main kind of functions in the body: 

1) Exocrine function: It helps in the digestion of food. It produces various enzymes such as amylase, lipase and trypsin which helps to digest carbohydrate, fats and proteins respectively. 

2) Endocrine function: It produces hormonal insulin and glucagon which regulate the level of sugar present in the blood.


In human beings, the females have two X chromosomes and the males have one X and one Y chromosome. Therefore, the females are XX and the males are XY.

The gametes, as we know, receive half of the chromosomes. The male gametes have 22 autosomes and either X or Y sex chromosome.

Type of male gametes: 22+X OR 22+ Y.

However, since the females have XX sex chromosomes, their gametes can only have X sex chromosome.

Type of female gamete: 22+X

Sex determination in humans

Thus, the mother provides only X chromosomes. The sex of the baby is determined by the type of male gamete (X or Y) that fuses with the X chromosome of the female.


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