II.Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.

1. I can answer the question.

2. She would carry the box.

3. You should open the window.

4. We might play cards.

5. You ought to wash the car.

6. He must fill in the form.

7. They need not buy bread.

8. He could not read the sentence.

9. Will the teacher test our English?

10. Could Jenny lock the door?

1.this question can b answered by me

2.the box wud b carried by her

3.the window shud b opened by u

4.cards might b played by us

5.the car ought b washed by u

6.the form must b filled up by him

7.the bread not need 2 b bought by them

8.the sentence cud not b read by him

9.will our eng. b tested by our teacher?

10.could the door b locked up by jenny?

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1. Can this question be answered by me?

2. The box will be carried by her.

3. The window should be opened by you.

4. Cards may be played by us.

6. The form must be filled by him.

8. The sentence cannot be read by him.

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