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S. Vignesh , asked a question
Subject: Physics , asked on 23/2/11

 IIs this a principle of ac generator


Ajay T.s. , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 24/2/11

Hi Vignesh!

Yes. Electromagnetic induction is the principle underlying in the working of generators (both AC and DC). Whenever magnetic flux linked with a circuit changes, an induced emf is produced in the circuit.


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Mohd Imad , added an answer, on 23/2/11
155 helpful votes in Physics

Principle of Ac Generator

One method to induce an emf or current in a loop is through a change in the loop orientation or a change in it’s effective area. As the coil rotates in a magnetic field B , the effective area of the loop (the face perpendicular to the field) is Acos”®, where ”® is the angle between A and B. This method of producing a flux change is the principle of operation of a simple ac generator.

A C generator Concept

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Alka Vijay , added an answer, on 23/2/11
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when a coil is rotated in the uniform magnetic field,with axis of rotation perpendicuar to the magnetic field,the angle between the area vector and magnetic field changes continusly and thus flux linked with  the coil changes and an emf is induced in the ends of the conductor.

hope its clear.... : )

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