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 I Got The Same Activity And Was Awarded The Best Answer Of The Class

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where's that answer???

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if there was no friction then our lives would be terrible.

without friction we can not

walk,write,stand,brakes wont be applied,we can not hold,can not eat as we can not catch the food,we can not slip,etc.

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If there would be no motion and if you apply force at any object the object wold be in constant motion........while it is impossible to have 0 Friction still imaginations could be made

if friction vanishes :-

1. Any time you apply brakes of the car ,there would be no affect on the car

2.  we could never walk  

3. we could never write any thing 

4.when we will exhale out we will go  in the opposite direction and keep moving till we will not inhale

5. if we will inhale we will go we will go as the same direction our nose is and keep moving till we exhale

6. due to breathig we would be moving here and there

7.if there would any earthquake it woul never stop

8.we would not be able to play any game

9.  oceans waves would never stop resulting in floods

10.we would never be able to eat

hope this helps you cheers!

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I had to do the same activity and i was the first in the full 8th standard.

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we would not be ale to walk properly.

thinks can not be stand properly on the ground

we would not be able to hold things.

brake can not be apply without friction.

buildings can not be constructed without friction.

we can't write on the blackboard without friction..

we will also not able to write properly with pencil on the notebook.

moving things can not be stop without it.

kabaddi and many other games can not be play without it.

cricketers will not able to catch the balls.

almost for doing every activity of our life we uses friction. people can't imagine their life without friction.

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  1. we can't hold things
  2. we can't write with pen or pencil
  3. we can't write with chalk on the black board
  4. if an object started moving it would never stop
  5. automobiles can not be started or stopped
  6. we can not fix a nail on the wall
  7. we can not tie a knot
  8. we can not eat
  9. we can not inhale or exhale
  10. we can not play games like kabadi cricket
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we wont be able to walk

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very fanny

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