imagine you are an astronaut and you are travelling in a spaceship.write a diary entry and record all that you see in space, your experience, thoughts about your family, the view of earth from space

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- My dream of travelling to a far off galaxy in a spaceship came true when I was selected by NASA for the intergalactic mission.

- Our spaceship took off and I was thrilled as the ship was heading towards a new planet.

- My curiosity knew no bounds: I wanted to see the surface of the planet, find out whether it had water or not, if there was any life form on the planet.

- I was elated at seeing a whole colony of aliens: green coloured with bulbous shaped heads and large eyes!

- They were friendly and could speak our language.

- He accompanied me around the planet and showed me their source of energy that looked like a star.

- I was amazed how well I could adapt to their atmosphere and breathe without the aid of oxygen tank.

- Our Earth looked blue and beautiful from outer space.

- I was fortunate to experience these novel things, but I missed my family terribly.

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yeah im in space
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