imagine you are harold.write a ddiary entry about your feelings when you came to know that your father is a boxer?

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Dear student,

It is strongly recommended that you write the answer based on your own understanding of the chapter. However, a few pointers along with the format of the diary entry has been provided for your reference:


Day, Date:

Time: Opening: Dear Diary, 

A paragraph including the following:

  • start with a general comment on how the day was (for eg: a great revelation)
  • describe the happening of the day (for eg: I am delighted to know that I am the son of 'Young Porky')
  • may also add your future plans (for eg: no one will be able to tease me,  I will show off like others)
  • conclude with a comment on the day or the current situation (for eg: I am very happy, etc)

Complementary close:




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 Harold was amazed as well as excited that his father was the famouse boxer who was nicknamed as Young Porky. He was happy that now no one would call him goggles etc and he could brag about his father's profession.

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 i want a big answer @  manugmanuk

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