Imagine you are journeying through a desert.write a couple of paragraphs describing what you see and hear.[write 4 lines]

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Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer. Kindly work on this outline as this task tests your creativity and skills.
  • I looked far ahead and all that I saw ahead of me was sand and more sand.
  • I walked ahead hoping to find something better.
  • I was thirsty and longed for a drop of water.
  • Suddenly, I saw an oasis in the desert.
  • I tried to run but it seemed an impossible task in the sand.
  • I reached the oasis and drank lots of water.
  • Suddenly I saw camels moving in the desert.
  • These camels had people along with them and something on their backs.
  • I remembered that they were caravans.
  • The nomadic people and their life in the desert seemed mysterious to me.
  • How could they survive in this place of sand and nothingness?
  • (Continue based on your imagination)
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Wrong question
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 when i  started my journey  i was too excited  and started jumping on bed then i also can't sleep overnight  then my journey starts in thar desert i engoy camel ridding in day it's tooo hottt and in it's tooo cold in night  cold wind is also going and the season it's tooo goood  i love it and i also very unhappy  because of missseeing of water . i also can't bathe for two / three days because of lesss density of water . hope it helps and good understanding . - thankyou and goooood luck for you anual exams
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