imagine you are priyanshu; write a diary entry on a wedding that your family attended

Monday, 27 February, 20xx.

9 PM

Dear Diary,

Today, my family and I really enjoyed attending the wedding of one of my cousins.

The festivities started early morning in my aunt's house with the ritual of putting henna designs on the bride's hands and feet. All the ladies sang happy songs and traditional sweets and savoury dishes were served. As the day progressed, there was more singing and dancing. Towards the evening, everybody started dressing up in grand silks and embroidered finery! My cousin looked stunning in her lehenga choli of ruby red colour. After the bridegroom's family arrived the rituals of exchanging garlands, taking rounds around the holy fire took place. There was a grand feast of all imaginable goodies! The elders blessed the newly-wed couple. It was a wonderful day spent with my extended family.


I am now looking forward to my elder brother's wedding when I can enjoy even more.


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