imagine you planting a vegetable garden in your home .one day a strong wind destroy your beautiful garden .How do your emotions and expressions in the form of a diary entry is not more than 200 words 
answer fast

Dear Student,
Such questions are meant for improving your creative writing skills, hence I urge you to give it a try first and then come back to us if you have any doubts. Nonetheless, here are some points for your assistance:
1. Write about all the herbs that you had planted in your kitchen garden
2. Write about the merciless strong wind that uprooted the herbs of your beautiful garden
3. Write about how heartbroken you were with the advent of the wind and how angry you were at winds momentarily 
4. Write about how you thought of the plants as children who were just beginning to bloom
5. Express about how hopeless you felt about the plants and their condition initially, but then your sibling/mother gave you a ray of hope and made you understand that you can restore the kitchen garden.
You may refer to our website for the latest and accepted format of Diary Writing. You can also get back to us for any clarification or correction of this entry. 

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