Imagine you went to the jungle and lived with mowgli. Write a dairy entry about your day spent in the jungle.

Dear Diary,
April 19th, 2016
I am not very good at writing and especially not a story teller either. But you have been, from the very first day a very special friend of mine, with whom I can share all my feelings, joy, anger, excitement, anxiety etc., because I trust you blindly. Today I don’t know where from I will start, how to elaborate but can’t resist myself any longer to tell about the recent experience that I have got!! And no other incident I think can replace this joy in me.
I went into the Pench Jungle, Madhya Pradesh for my latest safari but when the guide has allowed us to come down from the jeep I started to follow a deer nearby and I suddenly found that I lost my way and have been captured by the dense bushes and the big trees around me, then and there I started running towards my parents … but alas! I realized that I am not only running towards wrong direction but also… I AM LOST.
Suddenly my mind stopped working and brain thinking too, I was getting no answers though I was asking repeatedly my mind for answering me, for directing me the way back to my home, but nothing, just nothing came. Finding no way I felt down on the ground and started sobbing taking my head down into my folded knees. It began to dark in the forest and I was getting no signal of any help…
…at that time I started listening some strange noise, like some animal’s bark or like a sound of something coming closer to me.
And then only then that moment…with all the graces of the Almighty ‘He’ came, took me along with him, saved me from those beast by pulling my hands and taking too far away  to escape from those danger, the brave of the bravest, the savior, the one and only Mowgli.
A day with Mowgli like the day of dream, all impossible became possible for me when step by step all those pictures which we only evidenced in cartoons and cinemas were gradually becoming true. Each thing are of each remembrances. Starting when he wiped the tears from my cheek, took me to introduce to all his friends – the baboon, the monkeys, the bear, his deer gang, the python and last but not the least his mother. With applauded joy, huge round of lunch with fresh fruits, especially bananas and all those moments when I was actually roaming into dense forest but having no fear of any animals as I was surrounded by all of them, all the friends of mine. And finally from a furthest distance met Sher Khan, and that time I remembered all those fearsome incidents that happened with him. He also took me to the beautiful places of the jungle with great sceneries, amazingly I enjoyed all the moment and will treasure those in my memory.
Finally the time to tell goodbye came, telling goodbye to all my friends he took me to that place where from I have been lost and found my parents went mad in search of me along with the forest department and police. With tears in my eyes I left his hand and promised him that I will come back again and thanked him for saving my life and everything.
That’s it dairy… I said a lot…now let me have my memory back in my dream so that I can have one wildest safari again with my friend, Mowgli.

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