Imagine you were absent for a week from school.Write a conversation between you and your class teacher briefing her about the reason for your absence?

Abdul: Good Morning ma'am, may I please come in?

Class Teacher: Good morning, Abdul. Why have you been absent from class for the past week?

Abdul: I'm extremely sorry ma'am that I could not attend class for a week but I was suffering from a severe stomach ailment.

Class Teacher: Oh. How are you now? Do you have a medical certificate declaring that you are fit to resume classes?

Abdul: Yes ma'am. Here it is. I must have missed a lot of homework and class assignments. 

Class Teacher: Yes, you have but you can stay back  after school for a few days and catch up in good time.

Abdul: I am afraid I can't do that now. My health is still on the mend and I need some more time to become strong and healthy again.

Class Teacher: How bad was your ailment?

Abdul: I had gastroenteritis. I was in the hospital for three days. 

Class Teacher: Oh dear! I hope you're actually fine and not in class just on your willpower.

Abdul: I assure you ma'am, I am well enough to resume classes and my willpower has been the best medicine to help me fortify myself.

Class Teacher: I am proud of you my boy. Now go and join your classmates, they will be very happy to have you back amongst them.

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Student:good morning miss.may i come in?
Teacher:yes vinayak you were absent yesterday?
Student:yes miss i was ill so i cntattend the cls.
Teacher:its okay.sit down.
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