Imagine your Santosh Yadav. Write a diary entry about your feelings when you reach on the top of Mt.Everest including your struggles to achieve the success. (120-150words) ( Can anyone just give me few points regarding this)

Dear Student, 

3rd November, 2018
07.55 p.m.
Dear Diary,
This is the happiest and most memorable day of my entire life. At 7:30 am today, I reached the summit of mount Everest. Finally my dream came true. Even when I embarked on this journey three months ago, I thought it was impossible. I was scared to death. I never thought I would actually achieve this feat. But here I am, overcoming all the obstructions and hurdles in my way. My parents tried to stop me a thousand times. Besides them, I always had my own doubts. After all, it was a huge risk I was taking. On my way up here, I faced tremendous danger and risks. Many a time, I thought of just quitting. Even I felt that I was going to die, twice. But all that is past now. At present, I am at the top of the world, nothing can stop me now. I can't wait to get back home, I want to meet my parents, my sweet little sister, and all my friends, I want to see my victory in their eyes. 

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