Imagine yourself to be Sam, Charley's psychiatrist. You have finally reached
Galesburg in the year 1894 and you don?t want to return to the present day New
York..Give an account of when and how you managed to reach Galesburg
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- I never believed Charley initially.
- His talk about the Third Level was rather confusing: I did think he had lost his mind.
- But, as he started filling in the details, I was intrigued and decided to explore the possibility of there being such a level at the train station.
- I bought old currency notes and coins.
- Imagine my surprise when I found myself standing at the same spot as described by Charley: at the station in the past.
- Immediately, I boarded the train to Galesburg and am enjoying the agrarian lifestyle of the simple countryside.
- My business of hay, feed and grain is sustaining me well.
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