imagine yourself travelling+living on another planet, write an imaginary essay on it (urgent please fast )​

I am sitting on a beach at night, just the light of the stars, and the slight phosphorescence on the waves as they schhhhhsh their way up, and back down the beach. I have been sitting peacefully for some time, just absorbed in the sounds and the silence. The stars are a rich canopy above me tonight - multitudes of stars.

As I focus on one area of swirly tiny stars - some galaxy I expect - I feel myself leaving myself - and not leaving myself - I can see my body & it still moves as though I were still in it, but I'm not.

I'm rising - slowly at first, and then as though I was being drawn into the galaxy, like someone taking a long indrawn breath would rapidly draw in air and energy. I felt myself swept up past the nearer stars, and out and onwards. Beyond the speed of light I follow the curves of the space web shifting and sliding and curving and swimming - no time at all has passed and I find myself approaching a barren planet/lump of rock hurtling through space. It is iridescent, in shades of purple and lilac, smooth in places and dusty in others - the odd outcrop of the same coloured rocks gives some feature to the landscape.

I stand for a while, then move over to the nearest outcrop and find myself a comfortable perch and sit and wait; I don't feel impatient - I feel almost timeless, eternal in some way, happy to just be.

Through the no sound I hear a small sound, a susurration - it may be some dust settling, or ... I hear it again; this time I can locate where it is coming from - off to my right.

I don't move, but focus my attention in that direction.

And wait.

Inside my mind there is a sense of electrical activity; of connections being made that I am not party to, or don't yet have the vocabulary to hear and understand.

I remain focused on where the sound had come from - the sounds in my head get louder they seem to be coming to some sort of focus. I close my eyes to listen better

I wait 

Becoming a little impatient, I ask my mind - what is going on here?

We are communing.

Who is we?

The ghosts

The ghosts of what? Or should I say of whom?

Barren women - those who have not brought forth their soul's work

How does our communing help? And besides, I'm not a ghost

This planet is full of dreams un-followed; passions subsumed; desires stamped out.

Why am I here?

To learn, to absorb all these other dreams and desires, so you can build them into the tapestry of your life's work when you find what it is.

I quietly ponder this & then start to think - there I was quietly minding my own business, having a pleasant little interlude on the beach - not feeling particularly frustrated, or unfulfilled - well no more than normal - when blow me down, I was whisked up here to be bullied or shamed into mending my ways. Irritation started to well up.

When a sharp voice said "STOP IT. IT WON'T WASH. RECOGNISE THE TRUTH."

I stop - shocked - it is a very long time since anyone has had the temerity to shout at me.

I sink down into myself - all energy gone; take a big sigh & say –"ok any suggestions?"


Day after day you are being given messages , many of them you recognise as just that - Well start to follow them, don't just note them and file them for later - you don't know how much `later' you have, so just DO IT.

That's easy for you to say

It is.

And, if you just started, it would be easy for you to do. Just do baby step actions, one after another to build up this tapestry of action.

I sit chastened, but not particularly enthused, or motivated.

"Oh for goodness sake" - I hear, and poof! am back in my body

Does that mean my energy mind has given up on me?

Time will tell ...

xx Mary

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thanks for giving your answers but this is tooooooo long
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