importance of election for a democratic country like india

election is important because

  • it gives us the choice to elect one of the best leader for us
  • it gives us the knowledge about the affairs held in our country.
  • it forces the government to come up with new ideas.
  • it also forces government to promote new welfare programmes for the people. 

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ELECTION - Election is that mechanism by which peoples can choose their leaders at a regular interval of time and change them if they wish to do so .

IMPORTANCE - It is a very important mechanism which in short can be called as the poster stamp of democratic country like India . election is the one and only process by which peoples of a democratic country can get free , fair and all rights which is equal for all . in a non-democratic country the peoples do not get right to vote that gives us a conclusion that why elections are important for democratic country like India.

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Elections are one of the most necessary factor for democracy. 
1. It helps us to keep a check on our leader in regular intervals.
2. It helps us to choose the most appropriate candidte for making decisions.
3. It is not physically possible for the whole population to sit together and make decisions.
4. Even if everyone sit together, they may not have reguired skill and knowledge to take the decisions.
5. Time is also required to take such decisions.

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1) Can choose their leaders / rulers

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