importance of trees

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It is a creativity task and should be attempted on your own. However, here is a sample for your reference:

Trees are of utmost importance to us as they are useful to us from top to toe. Their roots hold the soil together, helping in preventing floods and avalanches. They provide us with fruits and vegetables. The roots, leaves and flowers of some are edible as well. They provide us with wood and different kinds of fibres. The coconut tree is the best example: it gives us its fruit, its leaves are used for making brooms etc., its coir is one of the most durable fibres available in nature and its trunk is used to make boats. Many trees have medicinal properties: for example, the bark of cedar trees is a cure for cough and cold. Flowering trees make any place beautiful. Most importantly, they maintain the oxygen content in air, which is crucial for our survival.

You may also use the following points to further elaborate your answer:
  • Give us oxygen to breathe.
  • Maintain ecological balance.
  • Helps in bringing rains.
  • Keeps check on pollution, floods, etc.
  • Bind the soil thereby controlling soil erosion.
  • Purify the air.
  • Give us paper, wood for furniture, serve as fuel, etc.


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trees are very important in our life .they give use oxygen,they give us rain etc

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