Im provement in food resources which includes:

2) Animal husbandry:

a) fish production

b) bee keeping

c) poultry farming

d) dairy farming

Bee keeping also called as apiculture is a practise of growing bees. The bees are grown in hives on large scale for the extraction of honey and wax. Apiculture is usually done in places where there is rich flora, so that bees can collect good amount of nectars from flowers. This practice does not It does not involve use of much resources and farmers use this as an alternative source of generating income for themselves.
Poultry farming is a practise of large-scale rearing of poultry birds. This method is practise in order to meet the increasing demand of eggs and chicken. Poultry farming deals with the management of domesticated birds so that they are able to get good quality and productivity of egg and chicken.
Improvement in poultry variety is achieved through the process of hybridization or cross breeding. Poultry birds are bred for eggs and meat. Broilers are reared for meat. Birds are fed with protein and vitamin-rich supplements adequate amounts of fat.
Dairy Farming is a practise which deals with the production and use of milk and milk products. Dairy farming involves the management of dairy cows, the cultivation of crops for feed, the production of milk and cream, and the manufacture of butter, cheese, and ice cream.
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