in a garden ,60% of the flowers are lilies and the rest are roses.if 1/5 of the roses and 1/10 of lilies are white,find the probability that flower selected at random is:

-white lily


-white rose


Let the total number of flowers in the garden =100
Then number of lilies =60
Number of roses =100-60=40

Number of white roses = 1/5th of roses =40/5=8
Number white lilies = 1/10 th of lilies =60/10=6

(i) probability of selecting a white lily = 6/100=3/50
(ii) Probability of selecting a rose =40/100= 2/5
(iii) Probability of selecting a white rose =8/100= 2/25
(iv) probability of selecting a lily = 60/100= 3/5

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