In a house, 3 bulbs of 100 watt each lighted for 5 hours daily, 2 fans of 50 watt each used for 10 hours daily and an electric heater of  1 kW is used for half an hour daily. Calculate the total energy consumed in a month of 31 days and its cost at the rate of Rs.3.60 per kWh. 

No. of bulbs=3
Power of bulbs=100W
Power of Bulbs=100*3=300W=0.3KW
Time for which bulbs are operated=5
So , units consumed by bulbs in 31 days=5*31*0.3=36.5 units

No. of fans=2
Power consumed by fans=2*50=100 W=0.1KW
Time for which fans are operated=10
Units consumed by fans in 31 days=10*0.1*31=31 units

Power of the electric heater=1 KW
Units consumed by the heater in 31 days=1*31*0.5=15.5 units

Total units consumed in month=15.5+31+36.5=83 units
Now, cost per unit=Rs. 3.60
monthly bill of given aplliances= 3.6*83=Rs. 298.8

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