In a house, following appliances are working:

4 tube lights of 40W for 8 hrs daily

2 fans of 60W for 10 hrs daily

1 TV of 200W for 8 hrs daily

Answer the following:

(a) Calculate the total energy consumption per day and for a month (month of April)

(b) What will be the units recorded in the meter for a month of 30 days

(c) Find the electricity bill if cost is Rs.5 per unit ?

Please answer as soon as possible tomorrow is my exam..

We have a relation,

E=P x t

Energy consumed by tube lights=(40/1000) x 8=0.32kWh

Energy consumed by fans=(60/1000) x 10=0.60kWh

Energy consumed by T.V=(200/1000) x 8=1.6kWh

Total energy consumed by all the appliances in a day=0.32+0.60+1.6=2.52 kWh

Total energy consumed by all the appliances in a month (april)=2.52 x 30=75.6kWh or 75.6 units

Cost of electricity in a month=75.6 x 5=Rs 378

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