In a linear programming problem it is said that ,the corner points are regarded as the maximum and mininmum value.And optimistic value would be given by this corners only.But in real life always this points are not whole number s they may be fraction numbers ie x=20.5 and y=60.5 and if we are given such a condition that x and y can only be whole numbers than how to solve such problems

Any type of corner points can be obtained , there is no conditions of corner points, but mostly we write all variables greater than or equal to zero , so we do not consider negative points.
So only whole number are considered.
Moreover if we get the fractional number
i.e. x=20.5 and y=60.5 and question is in context with number of person  etc then we take integer value less than the mentioned value of the x and y for example in this case when  x=20.5 and y=60.5 we take x = 20 and y = 60 for further calculations.

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