In a pyramid of biomass, if the total dry weight (kg/m2) of primary producers is about 809, it will decrease at tertiary consumer level upto: (Kindly explain in detail)

a) 37 kg/m2
b) 11 kg/m2
c) 5 kg/m2
d) 1.5 kg/m2

Dear student, 

The correct option is 1.5 kg/m2.
Because as we know that in most Ecosystem, pyramid of energy is always upright and can never be inverted i.e, producers are more in number and biomass than the herbivores, and herbivores are more in number and biomass than the carnivores. Also energy at a lower trophic level is always more than at a higher level. Thus whenever energy flows from a particular trophic level to the next trophic level, some energy is always lost as heat at each step. This is shown as :-
Dry mass in kg/m2.


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