in a self assessment survey, 60 % claimed that they never indulged in corruption, 40 % claimed that they always spoke truth , 20 % said that they neither told lies nor indulged in corruption.a person is selected. what is the probability that 1) he is either corrupt or tells lies  2)if a person never indulged in corruption,find probability that he/she tells truth 3)if he speaks truth,find probability that he/she claims not to be corrupt

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Let A: Persons never indulged in corruptionB: Persons always speak truthPA=60100 ,   PB=40100PAB=201001 PCorrupt or tells lie=P A  B=1-PAB=1-20100=80100=0.82 P BA=P ABPA=2010060100=133 PAB=P ABPB=2010040100=12
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