In a sequence of 4n+1 terms the first 2n+1 terms are in Ap whose common difference is 2,and the last 2n+1 terms are in Gp whose common ratio is 0.5 If the middle terms of the Ap and the Gp are equal then the middle term of sequence is Ans n×2to the power n+1/2to power n and -1

The midpoint of a sequence of length (2n+1) is n steps away from either endpoint. Suppose x is the value at the midpoint of the whole sequence. That's what you want to find.

The midpoint of the AP is n steps to the left of overall midpoint, making the midpoint of the AP equal to x - 2n.

The midpoint of the GP is n steps to the right of the overall midpoint, making that value (0.5^n)x.

Those two values are equal, so:

x - 2n = (0.5^n)x
x - (0.5^n)x = 2n
x(1 - 0.5^n) = 2n
x = 2n / (1 - 0.5^n)

You can get rid of the decimal fraction by multiplying that by 2^n/2^n:
x = n * 2^(n+1) / (2^n - 1)

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