in a sonometer experiment with a metallic block suspended from a wire the resonant length for the fundamental frequency is found to be 14.2 cm.Immersing it in water the length was 13.1 cm. Calculate the relative density of the material of the block

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fundamental resonant frequency=12LFμin air force is F1 and in water force is F212LF1μ=12LF2μ12×14.2F1μ=12×13.1F2μF1F2=14.213.1F1F2=1.175F1=Vρmg;F2=Vρmg-Vρwg=Vρm-ρwgVgρmVρm-ρwg=1.175 ρmρm-ρw=1.175ρm= 1.175ρm-1.175ρw1.175ρw= 1.175ρm-ρm=0.175ρm1.175ρw=0.175ρmρmρw=1.1750.175=6.714  relative density.Regards

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