In an initiative to sensitize the public to adopt abandoned and stray
pets, an 'Adopt-A-Thon Barks and Purrs' was organised by an NGO
Paws Rescue'. Abandoned and homeless animals were up for adoption
at the event. As a staff reporter ol "The News Nation, write a report
in about 120 - 150 words giving details such: as number of animals
adopted, date, training ol new pet parents, incentives, and response of


May 2. An 'Adopt-A-Thon Barks and Purrs' was organised by the NGO Paws Rescue in order to raise public awareness about the need of adopting abandoned and stray pets. The event included abandoned and homeless animals for adoption. They explained strays are born from abandoned animals and are, for the most part, unloved and forgotten. Adopting stray animals from shelters or simply taking them in can benefit the animals. They could even be of great assistance to the family. Adopting an animal may teach youngsters valuable life lessons. Every year, overcrowded shelters take in millions of stray, mistreated, and abandoned animals, and adopting an animal frees up space for others. You're not only giving more animals a second opportunity, but the money you spend on adoption goes directly to helping those facilities better care for the pets they take in!

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