in details about conjunctions,its types,its uses with example

A conjunction is a word which connects two words or clauses or sentences and shows the relation between them. They are used to avoid making the text seem like bullet points and to make the text flow. E.g. -

Jai saw a dog on the road. He decided to adopt the dog. Jai brought the dog home.

Jai saw a dog on the roadanddecided to adopt the dog,sohe brought the dog home.

Here andandsoare conjunctions which are used to join the sentences and show the relation between them.

Coordinating Conjunctions

These conjunctions are used to link or join two words or phrases that are equally important and complete in terms of grammar when compared with each other. That is to say, the sentences or words do not depend on anything to give themselves meaning.

There are seven main coordinating conjunctions -








Chris does not want tea. Chris does not want coffee. -Chris does not want teaorcoffee.

  • Here, we see howorwas used to combine the two words and make a cohesive sentence using them. Also, notice how theoris between the two words.

I scored 60% in the exams this year. Anita scored 7% more than me this year. -I scored 60% in the examsbutAnita scored 7% more than me this year.

  • Here we see thatbutwas used in the middle to combine and show the relation between the two sentences that were both equally important and cohesive by themselves.

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A Conjunction is a word that is used to join words or sentences together..
1. Tom has failed but Peter has passed.
2.John and i went for a walk.

Study the following pairs of sentences:-
1. The sun set. The night fell.
The sun set and the night fell.

2.Bali has failed. Ashok has passed.
Bali has failed but Ashok has passed.

Take the first pair of sentences. The sentences "the sun set" and "the night fell" are two independent sentences. they can stand alone. they are equal rank of order. If we join these two independent sentences together by the word and, we make one sentence "​The sun set and the night fell."

The same thing can be done in the second pair of sentence by joining them with but.

A conjunction that joins together sentences of equal rank or order is called a Co-ordinating Conjunction.

Study the following sentences:-
1. I like him because he is honest.
2. I know where you were born.

The first sentence contains two statements or sentences-----1. I like him ,2. because he is honest. are those two sentences independent ? No. the sentence 'because he is honest' is dependent upon the sentence 'I like him'. they are of unequal rank or order. 

 A Conjunction that joins together two sentences of unequal rank or order are known as Sun-ordinating conjunctions.

There are some conjunctions that are used in pairs; as,
either..or: Either take it or leave it.
Neither...Nor :
- He is neither rich nor poor.
Both...and :- We both loved and honoured him.
Though...yet :- Though he is poor yet he is happy.
So...that :- He was so tired that he could hardly work.
.........and many more.

Such conjunctions are known as correlative conjunction.

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