In enthalpy of neutralisation,we used 1 gram equivalent of an acid and a base. Why not gram moles have been employed?

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It is important to note that gram equivalent is used in the heat or enthalpy of neutralisation. This is because neutralisation involves 1 mole of H+ ions and 1 mole of OH- ions in order to produce 1 mole of water and in this process 57.1 kJ of heat gets liberated.
Also,  on complete dissociation of one gram equivalent of various acids, 1 mole of H+ ions are liberated, however, 1 mole of the acid may give rise to one mole of H+ ions in the solution depending upon its basicity.
Therefore, 1 mole of H2SO4 produces 2 moles of H+ ions on complete dissociation, and in case of 3 moles of H+ ions are produced in case of 1 mole of H3PO4 . But when 1 gram equivalent of both ​H2SO4 and ​H3PO4 are taken, then 1 mole of H+ ions are produced.
This is the reason why gram equivalent weight is more appropriate to use in the calculation of enthalpy of neutralisation.


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