In light phase of photosynthesis there is formation of what substance

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In light phase of photosynthesis there is formation of following substance,
In 1st phase high energy chemical compound is formed : ATP and NADPH

In 2nd phase high energy chemical compounds were used for conversion of CO2 with H2O to glucose.


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The energy is then temporarily transferred to two molecules, ATP and NADPH, which are used in the second stage of photosynthesis. ATP and NADPH aregenerated by two electron transport chains. During the light reactions, water is used and oxygen is produced
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In the presence of light, water is split into H+ ions (protons) and electrons in a process called hydrolysis. This is very significant because light is an energy source that is converted from solar to chemical energy. Once light is absorbed by chlorophyll it helps provide the energy to transfer the electrons and H ions from water to a compound known as NADP+. This causes it to form?NADPH?which is a chemical energy source that is available to use in the light--independent reaction. It is a source of electrons that can be passed along an electron transport chain to an electron acceptor.?This means that NADPH contains reducing power to help drive the next steps of photosynthesis.

Also generated in the light reaction is?ATP?which is formed by chemiosmosis in a process known as photophosphorylation. This step requires the presence of light to occur.

Both ATP along with NADPH provide energy from the light reactions to enable carbon dioxide to eventually form sugar in the light--independent reaction.
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Water is used nd O^2 is produced
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ATP And NADPH2 is formed
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