In NCERT they have written that the root andodermist because of the layer of suvrin has the ability to actively transport ions in One Direction only so what does this mean that it only a love in One Direction movement is in that mean that they use energy for the transportation of I am because we know that ions during same plus movement required ATP for dad but here what is the role of Suberin hair isn't to Suberin providing some ATP or something like that and how they are only allowing One Direction movement please clarify


Suberin is a waxy material present in the cell wall of the cork tissue. It acts as a barrier to prevent water loss and also provide protection to the bark against pathogens. It also helps in wound healing process of plants.

The plant can adjust the quantity and types of solutes that it absorbs from the soil. The root endoderm posses the layer of suberin. Suberin layer has the ability to actively transport ion in one direction only. The endodermis regulates the quantity and type of minerals and ions that reach the xylem. The transport of water in the xylem takes place only from the roots to the leaves. Therefore, the movement of water and nutrients in the xylem is unidirectional. In case of unidirectional flow in xylem tissue, it is important to note that root endodermis because of the layer of suberin has the ability to actively transport ions in one direction only.

P.S. Your question was not clear. Hence, I have explained about suberin. In case you had something else in mind, kindly post the complete and clear question again so that our experts can provide you with meaningful help. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

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