In our country, according to a census, there are 882 adolescents females for every 1000 males. Find out.
a)The concerns of the community regarding this low ratio. Remember that the chance of having a boy or a girl is equal.

b)What amniocentesis is and how useful this technique is. Why is its use for identification ofgender of the unborn child banned in India ?

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There should ideally be equal ratio of boys and girls. the skewed sex ratio shows the community does not appreciate or accept baby girls. This leads to uncessary crimes like traffiking etc.
Amniocentesis is a medical procedure which is very helpful in diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities and other malfunctions in the foetal stage. It is a test which helps in identification and treatment of disorders. But in India it is misused for sex determination and people abort girl foetuses. Hence the use of amniocenetsis is is banned for use of sex determination in India

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As you know some people in india don't treat males and females equally.they force females to get abortion if they had baby girl in womb 

aminocentesis is an way to identify that whether a girl child is going to be borned or a boy i aboved mentioned that people don't treat both eually they force women to get abortion as this process hepls them to know that whether it's a girl or boy child

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