In passive voice

In passive voice Sub. — English Clutnge Ille verbs in the following sentences from the netive into the Passive Voice:- They have made him king. 2. We fought a good tight 3. The teacher told us a good Story. 4. The jury found the prisoner guilty. 5. I-le dreamt a strange dream. The Headmaster promised Anil reward. 6. The Prime Minister opened the exhibition. 7. 8. The people cheered the king. The mason is building the wall. 9. 10. He teaches us Geometry. I l. I-Ie objected to our proposal. We elected Ashok captain. 12. 13. We refused them admission: 14. Do not insult the poor. 15. Shut the doors. 16. Help the poor. 17. Take out your notebooks. 18. Don't split on the floor. 19. Please help me to carry these notebooks, 20. Please bring a glass ofwåler for me.

7. The exhibition was opened by the prime minister
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12. Asbo was elected caption by us
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Help the poor people's by giving some food or something
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