In place of my finger it's 3/2.

In place of my finger it's 3/2. increased If breadth by 2 m. the area i" incre•— by 74 nit. Find the length and breadth of the rectangle. St. A motorl»at takes 6 hours to 100 km downntream and km If the motort— goes 75 km downsttvam and returns back to its starting point in 8 hourg, find the the motorlxMt in still water and the rate of the Btream. S2. A man sold a chair and a table for 2178, thereby making a profit of on the chair on the table. By selling them for 2154. he gains on the chair and on the tabb Find the cost price of each. SS. A man travels 600 km partly by train and partly by car. If he covers 120 km by train and the rest by car, it takes him 8 hours. But, if he travels 200 km by train and the rest by car. he takes 20 minutes longer. Find the speed of the car and that of the train. 34. 6 men and S boys can finish a piece of work in 14 days while 8 men and 12 boys can do it in 10 days. Find the time taken by one man alone and that by one boy alone to finish the work 35. A lady has 25-P and 50-P coins in her purse. If in all she has 80 coins totalling 25. how many coins of each kind does she have? 36. A and B together can do a piece of work in 6 days. If A's one day's work be L, one days work of B, find in how many days, each alone can finish the work. (iii) Remark Remar 76 Founda•

Let the time taken by A to complete the work alone = x daysLet the time taken by B to complete the work alone = y daysA's 1 day's work = 1xB's 1 day's work = 1yNow, according to first condition :1x + 1y = 16     .....1According to second condition :1x = 132y    ......2Put the value of 1x in 1, we get132y + 1y = 1613 + 22y = 16152y = 16y = 45Now, from 2, we get1x = 132×90x = 18013 = 131113So, A takes 131113 days and B takes 45 days to complete the work alone.

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The answer is 5
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