in plants both haploid and the diploid cells can divide by mitosis hence result in the formation of two types of plant bodies , haploid gametophyte (n) and diploid sporophyte (2n) . during the life cycle of any sexually reproducing plant , there is an alteration of generations

a) name the three patterns of life cycle  shown  by plants and also give the examples of each type .
b) both bryophytes and the pteridophytes show the same pattern of life cycle still differ in some features . write the main differences in the life cycles of two groups .
c) mention the dominant phases  and their ploidy in the life cycle of 1) algae 2) bryophytes , 3) pteridophytes  4) gymnosperms and  5) angiosperms

Dear student,
a) Three life cycles are:- Haplontic, Diplontic and haplodiplontic life cycle
Haplontic :- Chlamydomonas, Chara etc.
Diplontic:- Acetabularia, Saprolegnia etc,
Haplodiplontic :- Ulva and most brown algae etc.

b) The life cycle of bryophytes and pteridophytes differ because main plant body in bryophyte is gametophyte which is haploid and gametophyte is the dominant phase while in pteridophytes main plant body is sporophyte which is diploidic and sporophyte is the dominant phase in the life cycle.

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