In rutherfords model, one of the drawbacks of it was put forward by maxwell i.e."any charged particle loses energy due to acceleration(when the electron is revolving around the nucleus, it is constantly changing direction, thus undergoing acceleration". so if the electrons lose energy, it will spiral into the nucleus and the atom will be unstable(which does not happen). Is this right? because in the live class, Sir gave another explanation...

Dear Student,

The drawback in Rutherford's model was that according to classical electromagnetic theory, when a charged particle moves under the influence of an attractive force, it loses energy continuously in the form of electromagnetic radiations. Thus, when the electron (a charged particle) moves in an attractive field(created by protons present in the nucleus), it must emit radiations. As a result, the electron should lose energy at every run and move closer and closer to the nucleus following a spiral path. The ultimate result will be that it will fall into the nucleus, thereby making the atom unstable. Since the atom is quite stable, it means the electrons don not fall into the nucleus, thereby this model do not explain the stability of the atom.

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