in short explain the alimentary canal(digestive system) in human biengs

Alimentary canal is the passage along which food passes for digestion. It is also known as the gastrointestinal tract and extends from mouth to anus.

Alimentary Canal

  • Parts of alimentary canal from anterior end to posterior end

  • Buccal Cavity (oral cavity)


    • Dental formula of adult human − 

    • Enamel forming hard surface of teeth is the hardest substance of human body. It helps in mastication of food.

    • Tongue − Attaches to floor of buccal cavity by frenulum and bears projections called papillae, which in turn bear taste buds

  • Pharynx

    • Oesophagus (food pipe) and trachea (wind pipe) both open into pharynx.

    • Entry of food into glottis (the opening of trachea) is prevented by epiglottis (a cartilaginous flap).

  • Oesophagus

    • This thin, long tube leads to stomach.

    • Gastro-oesophageal sphincter regulates oesophagus opening into stomach.

  • Stomach

    • Location − upper left part of abdominal cavity

    • Three parts of stomach:

      • Cardiac − where oesophagus opens

      • Fundic − where food rests and undergoes digestion

      • Pyloric − which opens into duodenum

  • Small Intestine

    • Pyloric sphincter guards opening of stomach into duodenum.

  • Large Intestine

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 the digestive system or alimentary canal starts from mouth and ends with anus

it is used in digesting the food taken in different stages throughout

many enzymes act on  the food we eat to break them into simpler substances to digest easily since the food we take is complex and contains many components like fats, proteins, carbhohydrates,etc

the undigested food is thrown out of the body throgh anus after absorption of required material by the body

last stage of digestion is done in large intestine 

digestive system  is required for proper usage of the food we take for our body

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a long tube like multidimensional structure having two openings, mouth and anus is called alimentary canal. 

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