In the adjoining figure, ABCD is a rhombus and DCFE is a square, if ∠ABC = 56°, find 

(i) ∠DAG                 (ii) ∠FEG                 (iii) ∠GAC                  (iv) ∠AGC

[Hint. (i) ∠EDA = 90° + 56° = 146°, ED = AD.]

Each angle of square is 90 and rhombus is basically a parallelogram so its opposite  angles would be equal  and sum of co interior angles sum is 180.Now you can proove it
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In a adjoining figure abcd is a square and dfeb is a rhombus cdf
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what is rhombus
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In the adjoining figure ,ABCD is a rhombus and DCEF is a square . If angle ABC =56 degree find angle DAG and Angle FEG and angle AGC
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