In the burning of Pb(NO3)2, what will be the change in colour of lead oxide?

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Lead Nitrate decomposes on heating as follows.

2 Pb(NO3)2??Heat???2PbO + 4NO2+ O2

Here the?PbO formed will be, Yellow in the hot condition and white when cold.

The reaction should be carried out on a dry condition,if not the Nitrogen dioxide or Nitrogen Peroxide formed will dissolve in the water or moisture present in the test tube, to form nitric and nitrous acid.

2NO2 + H2O ????-> HNO3 + HNO2
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Lead nitrate on heating decomposes to lead monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen. NO2 is liberated, along with oxygen, as a reddish-brown gas. The residue left is lead monoxide(PbO). It's yellow when hot and white when cold.
2Pb(NO3)(s) → 2PbO (s) + 4NO2 (g) + O2 (g)

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When lead nitrate is burned it forms lead oxide which is yellow in colour
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