in the end lipids are micromolecules or macromolecules?


i guess lipid is a macromolecule.....hope it would be right....

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when we conduct the test for marco and micro molecules lipids contained in cell membrane appears in as the retentate which indicate that it a macromolecule but actually its weight is less than 800 dalton which suggests that it is a micromolecule.

so they are counted as macromolecule but not strictly

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lipids are macro molecules.lipids are indeed small in molecular weight but when we grind a tissue, we are disrupting the cell structure. the membrane form vescicles insoluble in acids pool in macromolecular fraction.

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Lipids are an exceptional case in micromolecules because all micromolecules are soluble but only lipid doesn't dissolve .But it is an micromolecule because its weight is more than 800 Daltons .also all the micromolecules grouped together to form macromolecules but lipods doesn't.
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Sorry .as i have written that lipids are micromolecules because they weighs more than 800 Dalton but actually they are micromolecules because they weighs less than 800 Daltons.
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Lipids are macrobiomolecules because lipids are having hydrophobic tails which is not soluble in acid. Hence it is acid insoluble and considered as macrobiomolecules eventhough its mass is less than 800 Dalton.
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