In the following passage, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the words that come before and after it, against the correct blank number.

A lady customer entered readymade garments shop                         eg: entered a readymade
and looked the salesman who had attended her the                           a) __________________
previous day. She complained him that he had said                          b) __________________
that the sweater is 100% wool later she found a label                       c) __________________
sewed inside which said it 100% cotton. The                                    d) __________________
salesman replied that there no need to worry                                     e) __________________
as that label was only there to keep moths away.                               f) __________________

Dear student,

The answers are:
  1. looked for the
  2. complained to him
  3. wool but later
  4. it was 100%
  5. there is no
  6. keep the moths

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