In the laboratory, during preparation of hydrogen gas, mention the changes that would occur

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During preparation of hydrogen gas below some changes occur


                If in place of zinc granules,some amount of zinc dust is taken in the test tube, then it would result in the formation of hydrogen gas and thus it speeds the reaction rate making it increase. 

 b) :
                ​If Instead of dilute sulphuric acid,dilute hydrochloric acid is taken,then it would result in the formation of zinc chloride instead of zinc sulphate. Thus when it reacts along with hydrogen gas it doesn't posses any change in the reaction rate. 

c) :
                ​If in place of zinc,copper turning are taken, then Copper will not react with dilute acids under normal condition. So it results in no reaction taking place. 

d) :
                ​If Sodium hydroxide is taken in place of dilute sulphuric acid, then Sodium zincate will be formed as it will be heated in the process thus increasing the reaction rate and also the hydrogen formation. 


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The question is incomplete there are few more bits in question
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Full question i want
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pop sound with flame
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The hydrogen gas burns with a pop sound and blue falme.
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