in the passage below one word is omitted in each line shown bt (/) mark write the missing word

the neem tree is native to india and is found all over the world it is a highly medicinal plant/ leaves ,flower ,bark and oil / been widly used as home remedies right / ancient times .The neem twig makes / excellent tooth-brush.It is also full of chlorophyl and its twigs / very effective in cleaning the mouth .Neem / strong antibiotic properties .A paste / neem leaves is used in the treatment / chicken pox.

pls answer missing words in orderfrom (a)to (h)

a) whose

b) have

c) since

d) an

e) are

f) has

g) of

h) for

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2. had

3. from

5. are

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thanxmaryam.mateen.....i was having confusion in 3 but ur answer is stil incomplete

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