In the passage given below, some words are missing. Choose the correct word from

the given options to complete the passage meaningfully. (½x8=4 marks)

The first test tube baby turtle (a) ___________ born last month in California. The story began

(b) _________ a broken turtle egg (c) _________ on the seashore. Scientists (d) __________

to work carefully bringing up (e) ___________ baby turtle which has now (f) ___________. this

winter the turtle (g). ___________ be returned (h) ___________ the sea.

(a) (i) was born (ii) were born (iii) is born (iv) are born

(b) (i) where (ii) which (iii) when (iv) who

(c) (i) is find (ii) was found (iii) are finding (iv) found

(d) (i) get (ii) are getting (iii) gets (iv) have got

(e) (i) a (ii) an (iii) are (iv) the

(f) (i) have grown (ii) is grown (iii) grown (iv) are grown

(g) (i) might (ii) could (iii) must (iv) would

(h) (i) to (ii) at (iii) in (iv) into

(a) (i) was born
(b) (iii) when
(c) (ii) was found
(d) (iv) have got
(e) (iv) the
(f) (iii) grown
(g) (iii) must
(h) (i) to

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a. i. was born

b. iii. when

c. ii. was found

d. iv. have got

e. iv. the

f. iii. grown

g. i. might

h. i. to

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