In the poem, "The tale of Melon City" is the king far too just?Givereason.

Yes. The king in the story was far too just.

He asked his ministers to call for the wisest man in the kingdom to advise on the grave matter.

This shows that he was very just and placid.

Secondly, he paid attention to all that everyone had to suggest. The wise man said that the arch was responsible for the matter and it should be hanged. The ministers and the people found this to be foolish and said that only a human being can be hanged. No man in the kingdom was tall enough to fit the noose. This is when it was decided that the king, who was tall enough to reach the noose, should be hanged. The king agreeing to all this shows that the king was far too just.


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his just and placid behaviour resulted in his death.

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