In the Rigveda people were described in terms of the work they did and the languages they spoke and find three men and three women for each of then mention the work they do and the languages they speak.

The following points may help you:

a. The oldest veda is the Rigveda which is the main source of information about the life and conditions of the people who dominated the vedic culture. Vedic civilization comprises of Aryans who came to India before 1500BC.
b. The Aryans lived in thatched houses and were dependent on cattle for their living.
c. People in the Vedic civilization were divided into four: the Brahmins, the kshtriyas, vaishyas and shudras who were considered to be the outcaste.
d. They believed in gods and in offerings sacrifices to them as well as performing yajnas; from rigveda one can say they primarily worshipped three main gods- Agni the god of fire, Indra  a warrior god and Soma.
e. Men were usually involved in fighting battles for water and capturing people and discussed matters of war and peace in assemblies.
f. Rajas were the central figure who had a special throne and who was a witness to all the ritual ceremonies.
 g. It is believed that people in the vedic period were involved in agriculture in the production of wheat, barley,pulses, peas and also collected fruits like ber,dates,jamun
​h. Men and women in the Rig vedic times enjoyed equal status.
i. They had equal status in terms of education, re marriage.
j, You may give example of sage VishvamitraMahidasa Aitareya
k. We may give example of  Queen Vishpla mentioned in the Rig Veda.


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