in the session, there is a topic of conversion into fahrenheit , celcius, kelvin . There is a question temperature changes from 25 to 50 degree celsius...we have to represent this in kelvin and fahrenheit the answer for kelvin is 25 but for fahrenheit is should be 45 but in the recording it is given 25 and then there is a conclusion that no matter whatever maybe the conversions in temperatures the difference in all of them are same tht is here it is 25k & 25F is it correct?

Dear Student,

No, this is not true. This is applicable only when unit is K or ºC. This is not applicable for ‚Äč ºF. This can be shown as below :
25°C= (273+25) Kand, 50°C= (273+50) Kor, 50°C-25°C= 25°CDifference in K : (273+50) K -(273+25) K = 50-25=25 KThe difference is same in both cases as 273 is cancelled out here. But, this is not so in case of °F as here we are not just substracting any value but also multiplying it with the factor 9525°C=95(25) + 3250°C=95(50)+32Difference in °F=95(50)+32-95(25) + 32=95(50)-95(25) = 95(50-25)=95×25=45°FTherefore, the given statement is only true if you are converting from °C to K or vice versa. 

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