In the test of conjunctions, there was a question : CONJUNCTIONS ARE WORDS THAT JOINS TWO SENTENCES, BUT NOT PHRASES. I ticked true. but it was false in the answer sheet. but thats not correct. PLEASE TELL ME THE CORRECT ANSWER .

Conjunctions are a class of words which can be used for both purposes. They connect words, sentences, phrases and clauses. 

Look at the following examples;

Remember to feed the fish, and to get some detergent from the store. (clauses)

He was imprisoned for robbing a bank, but he will be out in a few months. (sentence)

Giving to the poor and then bragging about it does not get you closer to God. (phrases)

Your syllabus for this test contains fractions and percentage. (words.)

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conjunctions are words that join 2 phrases, but NOT SENTENCES:)
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