In the the brain teaser of 4 June -A monkey tries to climb a 60 ft high pole. The pole is slippery due to grease and the monkey climbs 3 ft butslips back 2 ft every minute. How much time will the monkey take to reach the top?The answer is 58 mins but on 58 minute he will reach the top but slide down once again so the answer should be 60 mins which is 1 hour and it is not possible in 58 mins. So clear my doubt and send a explanation please.

As monkey climbs 3 ft but slip 2 ft back in every minute.
So net displacement of the particle in 1 min is 1 ft.
Now in 57 minutes, monkey will reach to the height 57 ft.
In next minute, monkey will cover the distance 3 ft and will reach to the top of the pole. so after reaching at the top monkey will sit on the top of the pole so no slipping will be there.
Hence total time taken is 57+1 = 58 min.

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Yes it should be 60min as in 1 min he climbs 3 ft and slips 2 ft. So in 1 min he climbs 3-2 = 1 ft .

And the height is 60 ft so 60 / 1 = 60 min.

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