In the topic of human alimentary canal they told starch is fully digested in buccal cavity but are biology teacher told us that starch is digested only 10% in buccal cavity please tell me fast which one is correct?

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The digestion of starch begins in the mouth. The salivary glands present in the mouth secrete saliva. Saliva contains enzymes like salivary amylase, lysozyme, and electrolytes. Salivary amylase basically helps in starch digestion up to 30% in the mouth. 

After that the food reaches to the stomach where little digestion of starch takes place due to acidic medium. Now food reaches to the duodenum of small intestines in the form of chyme where remaining starch is broken down into disaccharides by the help of amylase enzyme present in pancreatic juice. The disaccharides are further broken down into monomers of glucose by the help of enzymes like maltase and lactase secreted by walls of small intestines.

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Starch in the buccal cavity are only converted into maltose sugar and in small intestine, the full digestion occurs and it finally converts into glucose. I think they meant to say that starch is fully converted into maltose not fully digested.
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